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  • RE: 60 millions de consommateurs - HS - Octobre-Novembre

    @souffly007 Une revue d'horreur !!!

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  • 60 millions de consommateurs - HS - Octobre-Novembre posted in Discutons
  • Renee PassNow Pro 2021.10.07.145 Multilingual

    Renee PassNow is a piece of software designed to help users easily recover their lost system passwords and other data that has been corrupted or which cannot be accessed in the event of a system failure.

    Designed for advanced users
    One thing that should be noted right from the start is the fact that the application has been designed mainly for users who already posses some computer knowledge, as it requires the creation of a live CD/DVD or USB drive, as well as booting up the system from it.
    The tool can create a live medium for data recovery with only a few mouse clicks, as it can automatically recognize the inserted discs or USB drives.

    Recover passwords and lost data
    The program comes with support for a variety of recovery options, allowing users not only to reset their lost passwords, but also to retrieve data lost during a system failure.

    Renee PassNow features a series of tools for data backup, offering users the possibility to copy an entire hard drive, to scan their HDDs for errors, and even to completely erase drives to ensure that their privacy is not harmed.

    Reset BIOS passwords and fix Windows errors
    The application can also be used to reset BIOS passwords, a feature quite useful when users need to make changes there but cannot access BIOS due to forgotten login credentials.

    Users can take advantage of Renee PassNow in order to discover Windows errors and resolve them, provided that they can no longer boot into the operating system.

    Fast, reliable operations
    All in all, Renee PassNow can prove a good option for those looking to retrieve a lost password or data from a system that no longer boots up, as it offers fast, reliable performance. However, given that it requires the creation of a live CD/USB drive, it could prove a bit difficult to use to those who do not posses advanced computer skills.

    • Reset Windows Password – Easily reset any Windows administrator or user’s account passwords on Windows system
    Clone Hard Drive – Disk management solutions for partition/disk cloning. Creating an image allows you to easily back up your entire computer, of a computer’s entire software configuration.
    • Privacy & Security – Erase all data on hard and USB drives completely, excluding any possibility of future recovery of deleted files.
    • Bootable Rescue CD/USB – Boot up any crashed computer with bootable CD/USB and integrated the new USB boot technology which supports almost all the USB drives. It can fix Windows boot failure in 4 simple steps in 5 minutes.
    • Non-Windows environment – All functions work under Non-Windows environment and runs independently, it is based on Linux & Windows PE system.

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  • RE: Quelqu'un aurait accès à des BDs ?

    @René merci, en fait je ne suis pas du tout habitué à télécharger des BD mais sait-on jamais !

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  • RE: Quelqu'un aurait accès à des BDs ?

    Je le note. Merci 😉

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  • RE: Quelqu'un aurait accès à des BDs ?

    @Bister exact.... Beaucoup de site tombent ou change leur système d'accès.... Ainsi va la vie du net

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  • RE: Quelqu'un aurait accès à des BDs ?

    Ah ben il ne marche plus visiblement 😛

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  • RE: Top gun : Maverick

    @souffly007 Déjà ? 😅
    Merci rené

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